Just A Little About Me

I grew up in Thousand Oaks, California and now I find myself across the pond as an international student at the International School of Basel pursuing further education.

My research and career interests lie at the intersection of computer science and engineering and I have been fortunate to thoroughly pursue this through the International Baccalaureate program and outside opportunities. Many of my projects are heavily math and data orientated and are largely based on my own entrepreneurial desires.

Currently I am in the exciting process of being a university student at Johns Hopkins studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.



The Johns Hopkins University (B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Computer Science)

Aug 2020 - Expected May 2024
  • Awards: Johns Hopkins Dean's List
  • Relative Coursework:
    • AS.110.212 - Honors Linear Algebra
    • EN.520.123 - Computational Modeling
    • EN.520.142 - Digital Systems Fundamentals
  • Relative Work:
    • Teaching Assistant - Department of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University
    • Johns Hopkins - Classroom Assistant - Carey Business School
  • Groups & Organizations: IEEE (Academic, Career, and Social Committees), Robotics Club, JHU Delivery Project

International Baccalaureate Program (IB & MYP) @ International School of Basel

Aug 2016 - June 2020
  • Awards: Most Academic Scholar
  • Relative Coursework: IB Mathematics HL, CS50, MITx 6.00.1x, MITx 6.00.2x, MITx 6.86x, MITx 6.431x, UCSDx Algorithmic Design and Techniques
  • Current IBs: Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Geography SL, German B SL, English - Language & Literature SL
  • Taken MYPs: Mathematics - Extended, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Product Design, German, English

Work + Experiences + Extracurriculars

Escapades in computing, leadership, and outreach.

Harvard Coronoavirus Visualization Team (COVID-19)

Director - Projects Technical Stacks
(3/2020- Present)


We're a team of students visualizing the Coronavirus pandemic. CVT is an organization found in Harvard College that consists of students from MIT, Columbia, and Stanford along with several partnerships with pandemic research institutions. Our goal is to carefully create visualization media that help the public better understand the numbers regarding COVID-19. Specifically, we want to show objective statistics to the general public that show the good that is happening, provide data-driven policy proposals to government entities on where they can create the biggest impact, and get students involved in understanding and clearing misconceptions about the pandemic.

Project DECKO

Founder (4/2020 - present)

leadershipcomputing outreach

Design and built front and back end code for Project DECKO. Project DECKO is a system designed to help enable members of my university community to navigate the vast array of resources used to ‘make’ and design available on campus. Decko helps facility/equipment managers manage their spaces, equipment and user training records. Decko users can use the application to locate equipment and facilities, check current status of machines, and order raw materials from shop inventories. The Decko application is available on Web, Android, and IOS platforms. Plans for implementation begin once the school year starts and at the respective university campus.

Epidemiology and Statistical Modeling Research - COVID-19

Researcher & Author
(1/2020 - 3/2020)


Due to our unprecedented globalization and mobility, epidemics pose a major threat on a significant scale because of small world network effects. This is further facilitated by rapid urbanization in the modern era, where densely populated cities develop into highly contagious nodes throughout the network, further propagating the disease and becoming extremely fragile and vulnerable. My initial introduction to observing the propagation of the virus with JHU sparked further interest in the mathematical processes not only used to track the expected epidemic but predict its future severity. This investigation comes backed with the motivation that the impacts of effective modeling techniques and the accurate numerical analysis of global events can have. Therefore, through spatial stochastic and deterministic analysis using graph theory, I have been able to evaluate the impact and aid in the discussion of specific measures taken by the authorities in my local area and on a global scale. See Post

2D and 3D Fourier Transform Compression Algorithm

Researcher & Author
(1/2019 - 1/2020)


Authored a large research project, including a 79 page research paper investigating the applications of fourier transforms in the process of rendering and storing data for 2D and 3D bodies. File compression is a crucial part of the internet's inner workings. It allows files to be transferred that would otherwise consume too much bandwidth and time. Because of this, it's vital for companies like Spotify and Netflix, in addition to their users, for efficient operations to use file compression. My study aimed to determine the feasibility of using fourier algorithms, in comparison to traditional compression techniques. Using extensive touring algorithms, rotating vectors, Fourier analysis, and optimization, the essay considers an alternative method of storing data from a purely mathematical perspective. Copious amounts of data were manipulated and stored as Fourier Coefficients to represent arbitrary functions as mathematical models. To effectively investigate the expected superiority of the technology, a custom methodology was developed. The system uses a variety of platforms to obtain the unique benefits from each. Using Python and the Matplotlib library, detailed sets of images, graphs, and animations were generated for the purpose of effectively communicating results throughout the paper. Furthermore, building off the first iteration and in hopes of improving minor flaws, including the lengthy render times and the inability to export the Fourier Coefficients easily, the methodology was additionally written in JavaScript. JavaScript and Chrome’s developer tools allowed data to be easily ingested in the form of coordinates, a crucial aspect when applying the technique to 3D files and using data from point clouds. Published results include 3D objects consisting of 8 to 6,906 vertices and 6 to 13,594 unique faces. Average file sizes were found to be roughly 28% the original size with a similarity index score always greater than 88%.

Novartis Pharma AG

BioFuture Downstream Purification Intern (7/2018 - 8/2018)


Novartis International AG is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by both market capitalization and sales, with over 125,160 employees and 51.9 billion in Revenue. As an intern at Novartis, and in particular the BioFuture group, I was responsible for completing a set of experiments with the goal of collecting data that would inform the decision making of the best technology to use for the purification of a protein harvest. My role included complex laboratory work, data presentation, and daily meetings with Senior Leadership Teams.

Pro IYPT-CH (International Young Physicists' Tournament)

Finalist (3/2019 - 5/2019)


The International Young Physicists' Tournament is the international counterpart to the SYPT. In contrast to the SYPT, students from all over the world participate. As a result of high individual performance at the preceding competition, I was invited (1/9)to qualify for the national team representing Switzerland. IYPT and SYPT require strong group dynamics and leadership skills. As only one team member is presenting at a time, organization is crucial between members to develop quick responses.

Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT)

Team Lead (11/2018 - 3/2019)


The Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament is a competition, where physics enthusiasts throughout Switzerland participate. In so called Physics Fights three teams (consisting of 3-4 students) compete against each other. We take turns presenting and defending our solution to a given problem, criticizing the solution of the opposing team and review the performance of the two preceding teams. The performance and quality of our scientific work/understanding is assessed by a jury of global professionals. placed individual and team finalists, in addition to qualifying for IYPT-Pro.

Awards + Skills

Recognitions and Skills

January 2021

Johns Hopkins Dean’s List for Exceptional Academic Performance (2021).

May 2020

Rensselaer Leadership Award & Scholarship in recognition of an outstanding record of personal achievements and a strong commitment to excellence (2020)

Apr 2019

Instructables and Epilog X Contest Finalist Awarded for my automated cocktail drink machine, which automatically dispenses liquor, mixers, sugar, mint, and cuts fresh limes, all while mixing and muddling for the perfect drink.

Apr 2019

University of Waterloo Hypatia Mathematics Contest Medalist Awarded a medal for performance in the Waterloo mathematics competition.

  • Programming

    • Skilled in:
      C C++ Python MATLAB Java JavaScript Responsive Web Development (HTML, CSS, SASS) JS frameworks (React, Node.js, jQuery, Next.js, Handlebars.js)
    • Familiar with:
      d3.js, p5.js Dart PHP AJAX GOOGLE APIs XML

  • Design

    • Graphic Design: CanvaIllustrator
    • Mechanical Design: Fusion 360CAD

  • Misc.

    Perseverance, Tenacity, Resilient, Intellectual Curiosity, Inquisitive, Ambitious Self Learner, Collaborative, Humorous, Witty, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Communication, and Leadership.