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Oxidization and Reduction: Chemical Traffic Light

Investigating the effect of concentration on rate of reaction between Sodium Hydroxide, Glucose, and Indigo Carmine for the chemical traffic light experiment

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The study of kinetics investigates the rates of chemical reactions.  As reactions are converted into products through a chemical reaction,the quantity of reactants decreases, while the amount of products increases.  The rate of the reaction can be found by measuring the change in concentration of the reactants and products as a function of time.(Flinsci) In this experiment, it is possible to determine the reaction rate using visual cues such as changes in color.  Therefore, if one of the reactants is colored (Blue) but the products are colorless or another color (Yellow), the rate can be found by measuring the time taken for the color to change.  Organic dyes such as Indigo Carmine can react to provide these colors and act as redox indicators that undergo definite color changes at certain electrode potentials.

Indigo Carmine Reversible Redox Reaction
Distinct color changes in the RGB spectrum

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